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The One About Songs Getting Stuck in Your Head

Throughout my years, I’ve noticed that there are certain songs that can get stuck in my head.  And no matter how hard I try, they never get out.  I’ve always wondered why it’s so easy to memorize songs, yet so hard to memorize things like the Preamble or other government document stuff.  Maybe it’s the fact that since there’s a catchy tune it’s just easier to remember.  Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s interesting and understandable.  

If I ever have a song stuck in my head and go to sleep thinking about it, then I usually dream about it.  And sometimes the songs are stuck in my head for a week or more.  Most of the time it’s obnoxious, but every now and then I get a song stuck in my head that I love!  At this moment I have the Haley Reinhart version of “Bennie and the Jets” twirling around in my head.  “Friday” is a regular occurrence as well as “Motherhood March” from Hello, Dolly!  What are some songs that get stuck in your head? 


The One About My Best Friend

I sincerely hope that everyone in the world has a best friend.  It’s my personal belief that everyone needs that person they can tell anything to, completely be themselves around, and call their friend’s mom “Mom.”  I’m lucky enough to have someone like that in my life.  There would be a huge hole in my heart without my best friend, Christienne.  Before you try pronouncing her name a thousand different ways i’ll just help you out. Her name is pronounced like Christian.  I know what you’re thinking – her parents cursed her to a lifetime of people thinking her name is pronounced “Christy-enn,” but here’s the thing: there is not one other person with her name in the entire world.

I’ve been best friends with this girl since the fourth grade and I honestly can’t imagine my life without her.  When she started going to a different school than me in eighth grade it was as if my whole world ended.  I’ve been trying to convince her to come to my small, private, Christian school, but she wasn’t really interested until she came to see Hello, Dolly!  So who knows?  Maybe she’ll be back at school with me for our junior and senior years.  Fingers crossed!


Christienne and I at our joint birthday party in 6th grade.  (Her birthday is in August and mine is December, but we just wanted to have our party together!)


Us after Hello, Dolly!

The One About “Hello, Dolly!”

This year my school musical is Hello, Dolly!  Last night was our opening night and we performed exceptionally.  Everything went perfectly.  (*knock on wood* …I don’t want to jinx the other performances.)  I was cast in the role of a waitress and I’m in the chorus as well.  Some might think that being in a musical and only having a “small” role isn’t worth it, but I disagree.  You don’t have as much pressure on you, although it is still quite stressful!  But our musicals are always a blast.  The girls have parties backstage and take model pictures (see below!).  Hello, Dolly! was especially fun because several of my best friends were cast as waitresses too.  We have tons of fun…probably too much fun to be honest.  I’m sure that some of our antics will end up as bloopers on the DVD.  At least we’re hoping they do.  We’re a pretty funny bunch.

If all the tickets weren’t sold out, I would tell you to come see our wonderful musical!  But most likely the only people reading my blog are students in my computers class at my school…and most of them are in Hello, Dolly!  So break a leg tonight, guys!

Abby, Katie, and myself in our costumes!

The One About Jessica Sanchez’s Near Elimination

I am an avid American Idol watcher.  This season my favorite contestant is Jessica Sanchez.  She is 16 years old (the same age as me) and sings better than I could ever hope to.  I’ve never heard her sing an off note, and the best part is that she’s so humble about it.  Last week she was almost eliminated after singing a song called “Stuttering” by Jazmine Sullivan.  In my opinion it was one of her best performances!  I couldn’t believe it when she was in the bottom 3.  Then come to find out she had the least amount of votes and had to sing for her life.  I almost had a heart attack!  Luckily, the judges used their one save for the season on her and she is still in the competition!

I plan on voting for her every week from now on because if she gets eliminated…I might cry.  You should vote for her too!  Click here and let me know how you feel about her performance that apparently America didn’t care for.

The One With a List of My Favorite Disney Animated Movies

As you know, my dear readers, I absolutely adore Disney animated movies.  Seeing as how you constantly think about me and my likes, here’s a sneak peek into my brain and which movies specifically are my favorite and reasons why I love them:

10. 101 Dalmatians (One word: puppies.)

9. Aladdin (Magic carpet.  And a monkey with a cute little hat.)

8. Tangled (Flynn Rider = most gorgeous prince…even if he is an animated character.)

7. Pocahontas (The raccoon and the hummingbird.)

6. Mulan (She’s an inspiration.  She pretended to be a boy and saved her country.)

5. Hercules (I love to sing along with The Muses.)

4. Tarzan (The scene where the gorillas go into Jane’s camp and beat on pans and other stuff.)

3. Beauty and the Beast (Belle’s dress.)

2. The Lion King (Timon and Pumbaa.)

1. The Little Mermaid (An underwater adventure with beautiful colors, music, a gorgeous prince, an evil villain, and a ginger mermaid.  Perfection.)

Which movies are your favorites?

The One About Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter.  I saw the first movie when I was seven, and I started reading the books right after that.  As usual, the books are better than the movies, but the movies do an amazing job of painting J.K. Rowling’s world in a span of approximately 2 hours.  Harry Potter is magical in more ways than just being about witches and wizards.  It was a huge part of my childhood.  I became attached to the characters.  The books made me laugh and cry.  It made me want to be a witch so that I could go to Hogwarts (I’ve always wondered how Rowling came up with that name…) and cast spells!  This dream kind of came true when Pottermore (a Harry Potter website) opened in April 2012.  I haven’t been able to check it out thoroughly, but I think you basically get to be a Hogwarts student.

This summer I would love to go to Universal Studios to the Harry Potter amusement park.  My brother and I have been begging my parents to go and they actually said they would think about it!  So, my dear readers, keep your fingers crossed that my dream of going to Hogwarts and becoming a witch comes true.  Because no matter what you believe, magic is real!

If I were a character in Harry Potter I would be Ginny.  She seriously has no fear, not even Voldemort. Which character would you be?

The One About Longing for Summer

These past few days have been a whirlwind.  I don’t even know how I got my homework done, but somehow all my work got turned in!  The school musical is next week and tomorrow we have a practice from nine in the morning until five at night.  Plus it’s our first dress rehearsal.  Ugh.

Basically what it boils down to is that I wish it was summer.  Then I could sleep in as late I was wanted with no homework.  I could wear cute tank tops and shorts.  I could hang out with Brice and all my other friends without feeling stressed.  I could actually have a life.  All I feel like doing right now is sleeping.  If my homies call me up on the weekend I usually make up some excuse so I can stay home and chill.

I just have to remind myself there’s only a month of school left.  One more month until popsicles, swimming, flip flops, and trips!  I’m going to youth camp, then to Arizona to visit my best friend, and Mexico for a missions trip.